about his fascination of Far Eastern/Asian art of movement

From my early childhood I was fascinated by Martial Arts/Asian art of movement. In 1980 - not older than 8 years - I already had my first contact with Martial arts. 8 years later I started with an intensive training and learned diverse Martial arts (including the chinese art “Wing Chun“). 9 years ago I was introduced to the art TCM by my “Sifu“ (Master)

My fascination for philosophy, the lifestyle and the arts is pushing me daily. Because of that I learn, study and research with fascination in this topic. I‘ve completed further trainings in hypnosis, psychology, NLP, coaching, energy work and nutrition. Making this knowledge accessible to interested people is my goal.

THE IDEA | Body & Mind

fanned out in different spheres of competence

| Burnout-Prevention

Learn to recognise early Burnout - Symptoms and help yourself to relax. We show you different relaxation techniques to reduce stress.

| Dream- / Fantasytravels

We use Dream- or Fantasytravels to bring out relaxation. This technique can be used anytime and as often as you want.

| Psychology / NLP / Communication / Coaching

We feel ourselves as coaches. Not only physically, but also mentally. To solve blockades, having a positive attitude and recognising possibilities is our strong point.

| Nutritional Courses

In our nutrition courses we‘ll show you recipes for at home, for more quality of living and more vitality. We will help You to Change your bad Behaviors.

| Hypnosis Therapy

It‘s possible to affect physical and mental conditions with hypnotherapy. We draw on inner resources, skills and strenghs.


Professional Coaching at all levels of life.

Every human is unique - as well as his needs, goals and type. Therefore is our training combining physical (Body) and mental (Mind) elements and unites these to a unique concept to cover most different parts of life and vitality.

  • Coaching

    With a focused guidance you‘ll achieve the goal you‘re aiming for - Life Coaching, Business Coaching or Nutrition Coach. Whether you want to be more fit physically and mentally, relaxed and healthier or want to improve your well-being in general. - With our coaching you‘ll reach your goal.

  • Body & Soul

    Whether an “Esoterism-“ or a “Power-Type“, to find inner balance is not easy for many people. But body and mind are forming a unified whole. Our Body&Mind Concept unites both parts, so that you‘ll be balanced, more fit and free.

  • Fitness

    The Body&Mind Concept includes the training method “Body Drilling“. In “Body Drilling“ you‘ll learn elements from different asian arts and sports. The training program is logically structured and will be combined with music.

    The benefits: an effective whole body training, which boosts your stamina, strength, flexibility and coordination as well as reducing stress and aggression at the same time.

  • Relaxing

    With increased regularity people are suffering from depression, feeling unbalanced and pressurised. The number of Burn-Out cases multiplied in the last years. In a dynamic and rapidly changing working environment it‘s important to be able to get away or relax once in a while. Our well-founded knowledge about the body‘s own natural power, relaxation and breathing techniques will help you to refresh your energy and to gather new strength.

  • Health

    Many people aren‘t aware of this - but health is our highest bid. To cherish and to retain it is a worthwhile aim. The Body&Mind Concept shows you diverse possibilities, to become more energetic and to increase your quality of living in the long term.


We start with an individual check up.

We want to meet you personally, before you start training. Knowing your goals, ideas and wishes is helping us to create the best workout plan for you. In addition to the personal component is our training based on scientifically sounded analyses and concepts. With an efficiency test we‘ll find out your capability and reserve capacity and build up your training with these facts. Interested? Then please read on ...

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First consultation for free

Thank you for your interest in our service. We invite you to talk about your personal goals. In this first interview you can learn about our sevices and philosophy. The first consultation is free of charge and involves no duties.

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Set up stress test now free of charge

Stress Test

Before you start your individual training, we‘ll check your physical and mental capability with our Stress Test. The results will help us while planning your training workload.

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Set up stress test now free of charge


We analyse the condition and reserves of your cardiovascular system and rate your deviation from the norm. With the help of this measuring system we can tell your consumption of energy in the different stages of strain and will be able to set up useful therapies.

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We will be pleased to help you and to answer all your questions about your body, well-being and health.