Body & Mind. Fitness Programm.

Innovative Movement Programs for a vital body.

Cardiovascular Training

With a specific cardio training to a larger capability in your daily routine.

Weight Loss

Reaching your desired weight with a correct nutrition and a positive mind.

Coordination & Condition

For a faster regeneration, larger power reserves and improved body control.

Muscle-building Training

With the help of the Body Drilling Training you‘ll be stronger, fitter and healthier. For an attractive body tension.



Discover a complete new Training- and Relaxationconcept.
More than 20 years of experience

From my early childhood I was fascinated by Martial Arts/Asian art of movement. In 1980 - not older than 8 years - I already had my first contact with Martial arts. 8 years later I started with an intensive training and learned diverse Martial arts (including the chinese art “Wing Chun“).

9 years ago I was introduced to the art of TCM by my “Sifu“ (Master). My fascination for philosophy, the lifestyle and the arts is pushing me daily.

Because of that I learn, study and research with fascination in this topic. I‘ve completed further trainings in hypnosis, psychology, NLP, coaching, energy work and nutrition. Making this knowledge acessesible to interested people is my goal.

Chosen course offers

The course offers are based on two pillars. The first one is marked by the Know-how, which is shaped by science. Our methods and training concepts are based on the latest knowledge in biology, chemistry, medicine and psychology. We use modern measuring devices to check your capability and your achievement potential.

The second pillar is the experience of many years, on which we have recourse to. Our courses and methods are tested by more than 20 years of experience, permanent education and research and the direct use of the knowledge.

Specific & unique benefits

Besides our offers in the sections of fitness, nutrition and health we offer you additional service in the fields of pychology, Business- and Life-Coaching and motivation.

The uniqueness of the Body&Mind concept is shown especially by the variety of offers in those different sections. The combination of tradinional and modern teachings isn‘t excisting in this form at another facility.

Qualitative facilities

We are aware of our requirements. That‘s why we have high standards on ourselves. We want you to feel at home, that you enjoy visiting us and see it as a place of silence, strength and possibilities. Because of that we value high quality equipment and an excellent atmosphere. Experience it yourself.

High quality equipment

Before we set up a workout plan for you we have to perform exact tests to find out your performance level and achievement potential.

For this we perform the Bioenergetic-Test. We use highly sensitive and the latest technical devices to get the most exact results. On the base of those results we find out your capability and design your individual training program.

Educated staff

A good concept and a good training is important for personal success. The main difference   are making the coaches and the staff. That‘s why we select our staff according to specific criteria. They are role models, motivators and teachers at the same time. With their experience, empathy and knowledge they‘re helping you with your personal progress - physically and mentally.

Personal Coaching (if requested)

We know the special meaning of individual support. We basically offer the courses in small groups from 6-8 participants. We think this size it the best because it‘s not too big and not too small. If requested we offer Personal Coaching as well. The learning effect will be extra big because you have the most idividual and intensive support.

Exclusively small groups (max. 6 - 8 participants)

The training will be in small groups (6-8 participants) to reach the best results. Because of this size it‘s possible to react to individual requirements of each participant. Despite that we still create team spirit and a positive group effect. If requested we offer Personal Coaching as well.

Regularly exercise control

From the start we take special care to ensure that the exercises will be performed 100% correctly. If you don‘t perform the basics correctly, you won‘t be able to make significant progress in the long term. According to the traditional principles are uncorrect performed exercises “empty movements“ without any effect. That‘s why we control the exercises regularly and will be available to answer questions any time.

Medical check up

Before you start with your individual training we‘ll perform a medical check up with you. As a result we‘ll know your capability, your existing abilities and your deficits. For us a good training already starts with the preparation.


We will be pleased to help you and to answer all your questions about your body, well-being and health.

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