Health & Lifestyle - even in advanced age.

The Body and Mind Concept connects theoretical knowledge with practical applications. The awareness for your body and possibilities will be essential, especially at the advanced age. We teach different methods to stay physically and mentally fit.

Being reliable even at an old age

With the Body and Mind Concept you‘ll not only feel healthier - You are healthier! The concept is based on condition, strength, coordination and mind. It strengthens you in the different levels. So that you will be healthy in the future and not only now.

Physical capability

Increase your capability through the Body Drill Training Concept and breathing techniques. With our nutrition program „Healthy tastes good“ you‘ll get an even better result.

Preventing diseases

With a healthy diet, physical fitness and a positive mentality you can prevent diseases. The Body and Mind Concept will provide you tools for health maintenance.

Back pain

The reason for back pain can be two different parts. There can be a wrong body posture or an overload on the physical side. On the other side psychology is playing a big role. Through this the Body&Mind concept will become understandable because the body and mind will form a whole. We show you methods with which you‘ll become fit physically and mentally.


for more vitality
Body Fit

The Body Drilling training program is suitable for woman at every age. With the components condition, strength and coordination you‘re having an all in all training routine, which you can match with your training goals.

Mind Fit

Balance in any situation. With our Relaxation-, Meditation- and Hypnotechniques you‘ll learn traditional methods to find your ease of mind.


We will be pleased to help you and to answer all your questions about your body, well-being and health.

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