Especially invented for stress reduce and relaxation

Physical Cardiovascular Training


The Body-Drilling training method is designed to train fitness, strength, flexibility and coordination. Especially the cardio training increases the capability of your heart and after considerable time you‘ll be able to absorb more air with less breaths. You‘ll be able to utilisate oxygen better. A higher oxygen capacity supplies the blood and the organs - especially your heart and brain - with more oxygen.

Relaxation due to correct breathing


The correct breathing technique is one of the fundamental elements for the heart and brain activity. You differentiate between 3 different forms of breathing: Breast-, Phrenic- and Deep-Breathing. Around 2/3 of people are breathing wrong. In that way they can‘t use their whole capacity and won‘t be able to relax completely. A lot of people don‘t know, that the breathing and the mind are closely linked. E.g. It‘s not possible to breath calm and relaxed but being excited/nervous at the same time.

In our courses you‘ll learn the different breathing techniques and will be trained to use it purposely. This technique will help you to relax and to increase your quality of living.


for balance between body and mind
Reducing stress and aggression

With the help of different breathing techniques you‘ll learn to control your heart rate and to relax. Beyond that we offer different meditation forms, which will fit to your needs and preferences. Whether it‘s aktive or passive meditation, quietly or with music - there are different possibilities for every type of person. Meditation practices are focues on causing a resting state from the inside, which brings out relaxation. Stress as well as aggression can be reduced due to purposely breathing and relaxation.

Burnout Prevention

In these days Burnout is a more common problem in our society. It affects men and women in every age and shouldn‘t be underrated. There are many possibilities to notice Burnout at an early stage. With the help of our techniques we can show and teach you useful methods for prevention.

Hypnosis Therapy

Higher suggestibility in the state of trance will be used in the classic hypnosis to treat negative key moments and impulses. According to Carl Gustav Jung (1875 - 1961) not only the conscious mind but also the subconscious mind is striving for self-healing and self-individuation.

Often the people don‘t know how to contact their subconscious mind. I help you to get in touch with your subconscious mind and moderate you in the state of trance.

This therapy method is often used to treat behavioral disorders, emotional scars and physical disorders.

Work-Life Balance

The focus is on a useful gearing of the changing and dynamic changing working and living environment. The Work-Life Balance measures are geared to cope, coordinate and control the familiar, private, social, cultural and health requirements. Thereby the Work-Life Balance concepts include health protection and supporting services.

Practical and theoretical knowledge

With the Body&Mind concept you‘ll gather practical and theoretical knowledge. We value that you‘ll understand why you learn those things which we communicate. On the other side you should understand how your body and mind works. So that you can take control of yourself.

Among other things you‘ll obtain knowledge about the human skeletal and muscle system, as well as their function and the attached body mechanics. To understand how they work is helping you to understand and set store on our concept.

On the other side you‘ll obtain practical knowledge (including kinematics, coordination of arms and legs and so on) to use the concept directly. It aims for already having a positive effect after the first session. The gearing of both parts is an elemental principle of the Body&Mind concept.

Precise learning of techniques of excersising

The training is based on the Siu Lim Tao (engl. Small Idea). It aims for performing exact and conscious movements, to improve your posture and to bring your body in tension. The exact techniques to control your body will be teached by your coach. He/She will accompany you through the learning process.

Handling stress & dissatisfaction

The right handling of stress and dissatisfaction is crucial for physical and mental well-being. We give you useful tips for your everyday life and show you methods for stress prevention. With the help of special breathing techniques and meditation exercises you‘ll be able to stimulate and control your heart rate. Which means that the stress factor will significantly decrease.

Phobias and fears

Phobias and fears are behavioral disorders, which are caused by specific events and experiences of the past. Often they can be totally unsubstantiated. Through an extensive therapy of many hours they can be reprocessed and treated.

We rely on NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming). Because of NLP we can approach your conscious mind specifically and effectively. So that we can find the reason of the problem and solve it toghether. The result is depending on you and your inner attitude or your beliefs.

Motivational conversations

In motivational conversations there are different possibilities to reach your desired goal. The way is depending on the person. Among other things we can reach the desired results with the help of NLP.

The 5 senses will be included in the process. In just a few minutes experts will find which sense of the person we want to motivate is the strongest. With a pointed influence they can give new impulses. As a coach it‘s hugely important to find out qualities, skills, strong and weak points to make real progress.


We will be pleased to help you and to answer all your questions about your body, well-being and health.

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